New Zealand Landmarks

Perching above the Pukekawa volcanic crater is Auckland Domain. It bridges over seventy five hectares and is famous as New Zealand’s oldest park. The park includes several of historical attractions, most famous of all is the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Beautiful statues, strolling paths, and astonishing plant forms, several of which are seen in winter gardens, are seen throughout the park’s landscape.

Located between Cape Rodney and Okakari Point is the Goat Island Marine Reserve. Goat Island is an unbelievable place to explore the marine wildlife or just unwind on the beach.

There are several establishments on the island offering guided tours and diving lessons and both just off of the beach and from boats. By the way. a guided tour is advocated. due to the strong currents that can form quickly when inclement weather nears. The Beehive building is located in Wellington. It is also called the New Zealand Parliament Building. Shaped like a beehive. the structure was designed by a Scottish architect. The Prime Minister’s office is housed here. along with other cabinet member offices. The structure itself is interesting. Finished in 1959. the Auckland Harbour Bridge spans over a thousand meters above St. Mary’s Bay.

The bridge is popular with tourists because of the illuminated views of the city at night. The bridge is also popular amongst climbers and those who enjoy bungy jumping excursions. Also known by the name Maungawhau, Mount Eden is one more popular destination for visitors from all over and it is Auckland’s tallest volcano. The slopes of the mountain feature a wide array of trails great for both walkers and hikers. It isn’t hard to get to the summit, where you’ll just be amazed at the perspectives of the city below you. Although Rangitoto Island is the youngest volcano in the area, it is the largest.
The island was wont to boast of several residential villages. but they were deserted after the Great Depression, giving only an idea of what living was like in the beginning of the 1900s. Currently. the island boasts plenty of walking and hiking trails. hundreds of unparalleled varieties of plants. and an amazingly thick phoutukawa forest.

The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland and it is situated on the North Island. Inside the city you will discover several attractions for entertainment, including the Auckland Regional Botanical Gardens and the • Auckland Zoo. Lovers of beer will also S‘v
relish a visit to the Lion Beer brewery. Among the tallest of the volcanic peaks in Auckland City is One Tree Hill. The area is handled with a significant amount of deference and is distinguished as a memorial region by the Maori settlers. The hill had once features a solitary totara tree. In the latter part of the 1800s the tree was substituted by a pine tree, but in the end of the twentieth century the tree was assailed and demolished twice.

The park still boasts several hiking trails and incredible views from the summit into the valley below. Because the nation of New Zealand is an incredible place with a diverse culture, it doesn’t matter which island you go to. It is certain that you’ll find an incredible historical attraction of landmark to visit.