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This is a picture of the Victoria Bowling Club in Wellington. Bowling game consists of pins in a bowling lane and bowling balls. It consists to role a bowling ball on the flat surface in the lane and try to knock down the pins. There is different type of bowling games; there are indoor games and outdoor games. The best known bowling is probably the American which is a game with ten pins on a bowling lane. The American bowling is the most played bowling game in the world. The earliest bowling is from the ancient Egypt. But some historians are still discussing about it, from where the most ancient bowling game comes from, some says it is from ancient Egypt and others say it comes from Germany. But the first known and written references are from England. On this picture you can observe an outdoor category of bowling called Pétanque. Pétanque is well known in France especially in Marseille where it is the most played sport. The game has been created in 1910 in France. The Pétanque comes from the term “pieds tanqués” which means “stuck feet”. 



Wellington Victoria Bowling Club




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