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The Lynx is a high speed catamaran. It offers catamaran ferry services across Cook Straight and it can carry cars and passengers. It links the North and South Island, at Picton and Wellington where you will have terminal facilities. The ferry will need around two hours for the cross. There is a departure on each side of the island two times per day. Condor Vitesse is the ship name of The Lynx Vessel. The Lynx is a quite luxurious vessel. Onboard there is a wide variety of activities as video machines, souvenir and gift shop; this will keep you busy during the cross. The type of the ship is a wave piercing catamaran. The length of the Lynx is 86 meters, a breadth of 26 meters and draft of 3.6 meters. In was built in 1997 by Incat Australia Pty Ltd, Hobart in Australia. The lynx was registered in Nassau. The Lynx can carry up to 750 people and up to 170 cars. The crew consists of twenty eight persons. The gross tonnage of The Lynx is 5007 tonnes and the 2002 tonnes net. So while visiting Wellington, you must absolutely make a cruise on The Lynx.



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