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Streets is a brand for a well known ice cream, it is originally from Australia. The manufacturer is Street Edwin Ted born in 1891 at New South Wales, Corrimal. Ted and his brothers started a farm at Leeton. Ted met there Daisy Olive Grigg who became his wife in 1921. Street bought in 1934 the Corrimal Ice Works at this time he had already registered Streets Ice Cream Ltd in Sydney. With the years Streets Ice Cream became very popular. In the year 1950 Streets became a quite profitable company and this attracted other larger industries.  In the year 1960 Unilever Australia Pty Ltd, Kraft Foods Ltd and Peters proposed offers to buy the company. Streets was sold to Unilever for almost 4 million although Peters made a higher offer. Until now Streets is the property of Unilever. Edwin and Daisy Street retired in Narooma. They often when in the schools there to tell their story of Streets Ice Cream and had a tradition to give every year each school child a Street Ice Cream. Edwin Street died in 1975 and Daisy continued the tradition of giving the children a free Streets Ice Cream. Daisy died in 1990.



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