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Here on this picture you can observe how the sheep are carried in containers from one place to another place. In New Zealand sheep framing is seen in different parts, they are farmed for their meat and wool, which is known to be of very good quality. The main wool breeds for very good wool quality are Romney, Lincoln, Merino and Rambouillet. The Romney is the main breed found in New Zealand, it is originally from England. The name comes probably from the region of Romney Marsh located in south-east of England. Sheep farming is also very common in Australia. In many different religions the sheep has significance. Sheep are considered to have a lack of intelligence. The largest sheep producer in the world is China, after it is Australia, then Europe, India, Iran, Sudan then only New Zealand; the other countries are United Kingdom and South Africa. The domestic sheep descend from the mouflon, which are found from the mountains of Turkey to southern Iran.



Wellington Sheep Containers




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