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In New Zealand sheep are grown to get afterwards wool and meat. Sheep farming is very common in New Zealand. The first sheep were brought in New Zealand by Captain Cook in 1773. In 1982 the sheep population was over 70 million but it went down to over 40 million later on as there were not so much profits made on this type of farming. In New Zealand the main breed found are Romney, an English breed. The Romney breed is considered to give very strong wool and good meat. New Zealand is considered as the largest producer of stong wool. The Romney was introduced in New Zealand during the 1850 and was mostly farmed in the wet lowland of New Zealand. Dr Francis Dry made some experiment in the year 1930 and 1940 on the Romney and he discovered that this breed carried a powerful gene that could produce very good wool.  Forty years ago Sir Geoffrey Peren developed the Perendale. He crossed the Romney and Cheviot to get a better quality breed. Perendale became very popular as from 1960.



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