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This photo shows you the Parliament Buildings on the right side and the building on the left side is the Beehive. The Parliament House is located in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. It has been constructed on an area of 45,000 square metres at the northern end of the Lambton Quay. The Lambton Quay is the central District Business of Wellington. On this land area you will find the Parliament House, the Beehive (executive wing), the Bowen House and the Parliament Library. In the Parliament House there is the Speaker’s Office, the debating chamber, the committee rooms and the Visitor’s centre. In 1907 the Parliament House was in wood and has been destroyed by a fire, all other buildings were destroyed except the library. The new Parliament took long before it was completed, the construction ended in 1922 but the building was not completely finished, the inauguration was made in 1995 by Queen Elizabeth II.



Wellington Parliament Buildings




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