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On the above picture you can see some of the beer variety someone can drink in a bar or a restaurant in Wellington as Monteiths Pilsner, Monteiths Black, Tui and Export Gold. The Monteith’s owned the Phoenix Bewery in 1868 which became the Westland Brewing Company and nowadays known as Monteith’s Brewing Company. The Monteith’s family is operating since over 150 years. The Monteiths Brewing Company is located in Greymouth in New Zealand. The Monteiths beer is specially known in New Zealand as it is a beer produced in the country but known as well in the whole world. Monteiths Beer does not reveal the secret of their different beers produced. The raw products they use are malt, water and hops. They produce the black beer, pilsner beer, celtic beer, orinal ale, golden larger and radler beer.  So while visiting New Zealand, try the Monteiths Beer.



Wellington Monteiths Black Beer




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