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On the above picture you can see a person holding a sign showing on it free food. It seems that the 91zm and the Baxters catering offered an evening with free food. The 91zm is a radio network in New Zealand. It is also known as ZMFM. The slogan of the radio network is “today’s hit music”. The 91zm has over 300,000 listeners per week. Baxters is a company in Wellington, New Zealand. It offers catering services. Baxters Catering was created in 1976. It is a well known catering in Wellington; it is located at Pickering Road. As from 1996 they started in Spit Roast style of catering which has been very benefit to them. They offer catering for groups of persons as from 25 to 2000; they offer as well very interesting packages to the clients. For any type of reception as weddings, birthdays, reunions, you can contact the Baxters Catering and they will make your reception a real success.



Wellington Free Food




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