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The Courtenay Shopping Centre is located in Wellington, New Zealand. In the Courtenay Shopping Centre also known as the Courtenay central there is the Reading Cinema which is very famous in Wellington. While going to the Courtenay Central you may find there all what you need, food, retailers, car parks, cinema, and games workshops. As food there are restaurants and fast foods for all taste for example Mc Donalds, China Chow, Seafood Etc, Copenhagen, Stellar, Khmer Satay. As retailers you will find Starmart which is open 24 hours, the Blockbuster a video store if you want to rent videos or DVDs. The Courtenay Central offers over one thousand car parks facilities to the customers. The parking is open 24 hours and seven days on the week with security patrols, permanent parking is also available in the car park.



Wellington Courtenay Shopping Centre




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