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New Zealand Weather

New Zealand Weather - Weather in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that can be visited all the year around. The temperature in general, rarely goes below 0 degrees and goes up to 30 degrees. Throughout the country the climate is mild, most of the time from cool temperature to warm temperature. The climate of New Zealand is considered to be complex because of its variation of temperature, in the North it can have subtropical temperature and in the South a quite cool temperature. It has also hard alpine conditions in the mountainous areas. The mountain chains that divide the west and east of New Zealand give each side different climate.

The west side of New Zealand is the wettest and the east side is the driest and it separated from only around 100 km.


Most parts of New Zealand have between 600 and 1600 mm rainfall all the year around. In the northern and central part there is more rainfall in winter than in summer but for some areas of the southern part there is less rainfall in winter. Usually the warmest month in New Zealand is January of February and the coldest month is July.


But usually there is quite small variation between both temperatures, on the east and inland part there is more temperature variations it can be up to 14 degrees. In general the temperature range varies from 10 degrees in the South to 16 degrees in the North.


The west side of New Zealand receives some more hours of sunshine but most of the islands have a minimum of 2000 hours of sunshine throughout the year. You will see snow falls mostly in the mountains areas; it will rarely snow on the coast of the North Island and west coast of the South Island.

But in winter the south and east part of the South Island may have some snow. The North Island is less mountainous than the South Island.  New Zealand can experience in one day the four seasons of the year but in general New Zealand has a pleasant temperature.

Spring starts as from September till November. Spring period can be from cold to frosty and from warm to hot. Spring is quite a beautiful period of the year in New Zealand. There is a blossom festival celebrated in Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay and Alexandra. And during spring period the water level of river get higher as the snow melts at this time of the year.


The summer period in New Zealand starts from December to February. The Island will experience high temperatures; long sunny days and mild nights. Summer is a great time of year for outdoor activities as walking, swimming, sunbathing and water sports.

Autumn is usually from March to May. The temperatures are a little cooler than in summer not so hot and warm. The fauna at this period of year in New Zealand is evergreen. In regions as Hawke’s Bay in Hastings and in Central Otago autumn is wonderful, you will discover the colourful changing leaves; these areas are known for their autumn splendour.

Winter starts from the month of June and ends in August. The mountains in both North and South will be covered of snow which gives a beautiful view. In the North Island winter will bring more rain to most areas. In some areas in the South Island they will experience less rainfall and cooler temperatures. Winter is a great time to visit the mountains and glaciers or do some ski.



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