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New Zealand Visa


New Zealand Visa

On this page you may find some information for the need of a visa for New Zealand.


If you are a New Zealand citizen or hold of a resident permit, if you are an Australian citizen and travelling with an Australian passport, if you are a resident from Australia with a current Australian resident return visa and if you are a citizen from a country with which new Zealand has a visa waiver agreement you are exempted from visa.


At the moment there are visitors from more than fifty countries that do not need a visitor visa to enter New Zealand.


If you intend to visit New Zealand for less than three months you will need a passport valid for at least six month, a return ticket and sufficient money for your stay, it may be around 1000 NZ Dollar per person per month.


If you are not sure that your country is on the visa waiver list you should contact the offices in charge (travel agency, New Zealand Embassy or airline) from your country to get more information.


Visitors from United Kingdom having a British passport and having right to live permanently in UK may be allowed to stay up to six months in New Zealand.


If your country doesn’t make part of the visa waiver, or if you wish to stay in New Zealand longer than three months a visitor visa is applicable in this case.


For the application of a visitor visa you may visit the website of New Zealand Immigration Service or contact the New Zealand Embassy in your country.


There are no vaccinations required while visiting New Zealand.



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