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Sheep farming is very common in New Zealand. On this picture you can see tons of fur of sheep being transported to be transformed after many processes in wool. In New Zealand the main breed farmed is the Romney. It is originally and English breed. The Romney is considered to offer a strong wool and also very good meat. New Zealand is considered as one of the largest producer of strong wool. This wool major use is for inside carpets, rugs, furnishings blankets, hand knitting yarn and upholstery. The first sheep were brought in New Zealand by Captain Cook in 1773. The first sheep brought on the Island were Merino; it is the breed which has the most population in the world. In New Zealand there is nowadays over two millions Merinos mostly found on the south Island. The first Romneys were introduced in New Zealand during the year 1850. Later on there were other breeds which has been developed as the Drysale and the Perendale. They were developed to produce the best wool and meat. There are also other breeds in New Zealand as Dorper, Poll Dorset, Hampshire, Texel, Finnsheep, Corriedale, Suffolk, South Suffolk, East Friesian, Borderdale, Dorset Down, Oxford, Polwarth, Lincoln and Border Leicester.



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