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The above picture shows you the Vinbrux Bakery. It is located in Oamaru New Zealand on 4 Harbour Street. The bakery offers especially organic German breads, biscuits all made from traditional German recipes. In Oamaru there is an area called the Harbour and Tyne Historic Precinct, the buildings in this area have been mainly constructed between 1860 and 1880 and make part nowadays of the collection of New Zealand Victorian buildings. The Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust is trying to make everything to preserve the historic of this place. The Vinbrux Bakery is located in this important area of Oamaru as many other buildings as the Electrical Museum on Harbour Steer 4B, The Star & Garter Restaurant on 9 Itchen Street, The Wool Store 1 Tyne Street, Bookfinder 7 Tyne Street, Harbour Street Pots  9 Tyne Street, trailers Treasure 19 Itchen Street. Oamaru Whitestone Civic Trust organise in November every year the Victorian Fete. It is an interesting time of the year to visit Oamaru to discover more about the Whitestone Civic Trust and learn more about the Victorian heritage.



Oamaru Vinbrux Bakery




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