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On this picture you can observe a beautiful sunset on the town of Oamaru. Oamaru is the main town of North Otago New Zealand. Oamaru has a population of over twelve thousand. Oamaru is on the State Highway one. It is around one hundred twenty kilometres from Dunedin. Dunedin is the main centre of Otago and Oamaru is the largest town of North Otago. Oamaru has a lot of important archaeological sites especially near Awamoa and the mouth of Waitaki River. These sites concern the maori culture, Maoris were the ancient inhabitants of New Zealand. New Zealand has stayed without humans for a long time, it is considered as one of the last places having been settled by humans. The maori culture make part of New Zealand. There are places in New Zealand where you will be able to see people still living in traditional ways. Oamaru is a magnificent town with fabulous buildings in the city. North Otago has a lot to offer to visitors. The area has a large number of attractions as the moeraki boulders, the boulders found on the beach of Koekohe near Moeraki village. These boulders are spectacular; it looks as decoration displayed on the beach. This place attracts a lot of visitors. These boulders have a diameter up to three meters and can weigh several tons. It is just a beautiful scenery just as many others you may discover in this fabulous place of Oamaru.



Oamaru Sunset on Oamaru




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