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While going to the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony, You will often come along sign post written on it “slow penguin crossing”. It is just to inform visitors that there may be penguins crossing the road so you need be careful or drive slowly. The Blue Penguins Colony attracts a large number of visitors. They are located in Oamaru harbour on Waterfront Road under the cliffs of Cape Wanbrow. The Blue Penguins are the smallest penguins in the world that why they are also called Little Blue Penguins. When you are visiting the South Island, you absolutely need to visit the Little Blue Penguins. In the south of Oamaru you will also be able to discover the Yellow-eyed Penguin colony. The Yellow-eyed Penguins are considered as an endangered species, their population are estimated to around only four thousand. These penguins can also be found in Auckland and Campbell Islands. The Yellow-eyed penguin can attain the height of sixty five cm; it has pale yellow eyes and head. Usually they nest in forest, their main food are opalfish, blue and red cod squid and sprat. Oamaru is a town that need to be visited when you are in New Zealand; it has a large choice of activities and accommodations.



Oamaru Slow Penguins Crossing




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