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New Zealand is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The earth has five oceans in all, they are known as Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean. Oamaru is a coastal town located on the pacific coast. On the North Island there is a highway known as the pacific coast. The highway is on the eastern side of the North Island. It links Auckland to Napier going through The Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Eastland and Whakatane. It is considered as a safe highway and while driving along you discover the fabulous scenery that this side of island offers. The Pacific Ocean has large number of island, around 25,000. The temperature of the Pacific Ocean can be very different from freezing to around thirty degrees Celsius. The salinity of the water also varies.  Here are some of the main harbours and ports in the Pacific Ocean are Auckland New Zealand, Sydney Australia, Yokohama Japan, Kobe Japan, Shanghai China, Vladivostoc Russia, Bangkok Thailand, Honolulu Hawaii, Busan Korea, Singapore, Tijuana Mexico, San Diego California, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, and Valparaiso Chile. The Pacific Ocean is subject of a large number of tropical cyclones which is equal to the hurricane sin the Atlantic Ocean. The surrounding is also affected from tsunamis and earthquakes.



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