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Oamaru is located on the South Island of New Zealand and it is the largest town of North Otago. It is a coastal town. Oamaru has a population of over 12.000. The name of the town comes from the Maori which means “the place of Maru”. Oamaru is also famous for its stone. A large number of the public buildings are made of the local limestone, this hard and compact limestone, quarried mainly at Weston. The town of Oamaru is on the StateHighway One. The town is home of archaeological sites. In February 1770 James Cook discovered the area; he was close to Waitaki mouth. The first inhabitants before the European were the Maoris. The main arrival of European settlers was in the 1850, a well known settler is Mr Hugh Robison. Oamaru is a very interesting town with impressive buildings; most of the streets of the town have been named after England Rivers. Thames streets, Severn Street and Tyne Street are the main streets of the city. When you visit the harbour you can observe a colony of Little Blue Penguins and at the south of Oamaru there is a colony of Yellow-eyed Penguin, there are colonies of these penguins also found at Moeraki lighthouse, Dunedin and The Catlins. These colonies of penguins attract a lot of tourists. The Little Penguins are the smallest species of penguin existing. The Yellow-eyed penguin is considered as an endangered species.







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