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North Otago is a district located on the South Island of New Zealand; North Otago is between Shag Point and Waitaki River and goes up to Omarama village. The main town of North Otago is Oamaru. Some other cities of the North Otago are Hampden, Moeraki known for the the Moeraki Boulders along the beach, Kakanui, Alma, Herbert, Maheno and Waianakarua. The rivers crossing the North Otago are Waitaki, Shag and Waianakarua. Omarama is famous for astronomy and gliding which brings a lot of tourists in the area. The area of Oamaru is famous for the Blue Penguins Colony, the Oamaru Stones, numerous attractions and historic sites.  Otago region which is considered as the second largest region of New Zealand’s South Island,  Otakou village located on the penininsula of Otago, has been in the past a whaling base. Main cities of Otago are Dunedin, Oamaru, Alexandra, Queenstown, Wanaka, Balcutha and Kaitangata. Oamaru became a famous town by Janet Paterson Frame a write who has grown up in the town. Otago is also famous for its university, constructed in 1869 and Central Otago is popular for its wine production. The Otago region make part of some regions of New Zealand that has an official flag, it has two colours blue and gold.



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