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Janet Paterson Frame was a well known and famous writer from New Zealand. She was born in Dunedin New Zealand and has grown up in Oamaru. She was born in August 1924. She wrote a variety of articles and books, three volumes of autobiography, children’s book, short stories, poetry book, and eleven novels. Janet Frame went in Oamaru North School and Waitaki Girls High School also in Oamaru. As from 1943 Janet Frame went in the Dunedin Teachers College and she also studied psychology, French and English at the University of Otago. She has spent a lot of time in North America Ibiza, Andorra and London. In the year 1951 Janet Frame published her first book which was a collection of stories; the title was “The Lagoon and Other Stories”. For the book “The Carpathians” Janet Frame won the Commonwealth Writers prize in 1989. Janet Frame was considered as a famous person in Oamaru, she passed away in January 2004. Owen Marshall and Fiona Farrell Poole also writers, are also considered as famous person of Oamaru. Oamaru on the South Island of New is also home of the famous Oamaru stone with which many buildings have been built with.



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