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On this picture you can see a little farm that you may find while driving around Oamaru. Farming is one of the main sources of living in New Zealand, mainly sheep farming for meat and cotton. On the picture you observe chickens running around. A farm can be owned by one person or a group of person. New Zealand is a place where you find unique flora and fauna. Before the arrival of humans in New Zealand, it was place forested of eighty percent. New Zealand is place rich in history. There are farms in New Zealand that allow public to have a stay and learn about farms, see how a farm works. When you visit New Zealand you can experience the life in farms. There are a large number of farms in New Zealand that offers accommodations to tourists. For example the Hakataramea River Accommodation you will experience a lot of new things you have never done, you can go fishing in the river. Oamaru is a beautiful region to visit with numerous attractions and activities.



Oamaru Farm




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