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Cape Wanbrow is located in Oamaru on the south Island of New Zealand. Under the cliffs of the Cape Wanbrow you will also be able to discover the famous blue penguins of New Zealand which is a big attraction to tourists. At Cape Wanbrow there is also a lighthouse which was used to guide the ships and boats entering the harbour. In New Zealand during the Second World War the Cape Wanbrow was a major lookout point for the soldiers. At the Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru New Zealand you will also discover the yellow eyed penguins which is a rare penguin species and sometimes find New Zealand fur seal and elephant seal on the rocks. The lighthouse of Cape Wanbrow was constructed in 1874; it was a wooden cottage at this time. They changed the first white light since construction to a red light in 1878. After the Second World War a new tower has been constructed with new automatic light and was reopen in 1944. The lighthouse of Cape Wanbrow is not in use anymore nowadays; it stands there for tourists to visit it. New Zealand’s North and South Islands are both very interesting to visit with lot of activities, attractions and historic sites.



Oamaru Cape Wanbrow




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