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The Blue Penguin Colony is one of the main attractions of Oamaru located on the South Island of New Zealand. The blue penguins are the smallest penguin’s species. When you visit Oamaru you will be able to discover on the coastline colonies of the blue penguin. Oamaru is the best place where you will be able to observe the blue penguins also known as little penguins. These penguins are also found on the Chatham Islands and also in Tasmania in Southern Australia. In Australia they are called Fairy Penguins because of their small sizes. The Maoris, the first in habitants of New Zealand, call them Korora, the little penguins have also been reported in Chile where they are known as pinguino pequeno or pinguino azul. It was in San Antonio during the year 1997. The maximum height of the Blue Penguin is forty centimetres and their weight is about one kg. Their main foods are squid, fish. These penguins can live quite long; their average lifetime is around six years. The Blue Penguin Colony of Oamaru is located under the cliffs of Cape Wanbrow near the harbour of Oamaru. The place is open everyday as from nine in the morning and it closes when the evening viewing finishes. When you visit New Zealand you need absolutely to have a visit at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony.



Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony




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