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New Zealand Zip Code


New Zealand Zip Code

New Zealand Zip Code

A system of postcode was introduced in New Zealand in 2006 of June 2006. Unlike the former system, this postcode system is used in all mail items starting in 2008 of June.

Even though New Zealand first introduces postcodes in 1977, these were employed solely for purposes of pre-sorting big masses of bulk mail, not unlike the Mailsort system employed by the United Kingdom in the Royal Mail.

As a result, addresses did not contain post codes.


The Post of New Zealand did not necessitate individual mail items to indicate in the address the post code, since OCR or optical character recognition allowed sorting machines which were automated to scan the complete addresses, instead of just post codes, which is what happens with outdated machines.


All mail were manually sorted until the beginning of the 1990s.

There are 1,856 four-digit post codes, every one of which may be used for up to ten thousand individual areas. They begin with zero in the Northland area and go on southward, terminating with codes beginning with nine in Southland and Otago.


In 2008 of October, the New Zealand Post established a campaign to 'remember your postcode', offering up a prize of NZ$10,000 for recalling a post code.

In large towns and cities, the last 2 digits designate 1 of the 4 types of delivery, as shown by Palmerston North addresses.

A PO Box address indicates that mail is sent to a private box, typically at a Post Office of Post Shop for pick-up.

A Private Bag is a private bag for mail sent to an organization such as a big company or a department of the government.
A Rural Delivery is employed in rural regions for house deliveries.


With the latest system, a number of regions in Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch currently either are assigned their own post code, or have fewer suburbs to share it with. For instance, if a post code includes Mount Eden, Epsom, and Mount Albert, each one now has its own unique post code.

Every Post Shop reception area is now assigned its own postcode. With the previous system, some post codes encompassed quite a few Private Bag number ranges or PO Box in the same metropolis.

With the previous system, Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch were separated into postal zones, which were integrated into the system of post code for empty in bulk mails.
Towns and cities with Maori names are recognized by the New Zealand Post in New Zealand. Despite the significant dissimilarity among the 2 languages, it was not necessary to put in the post code in the former system.
Mail to New Zealand Parliament members is sent free of charge to the correspondent. The charge is paid by the budget of the Member. Before New Zealand Post has had the bulk of authority on rentals of Private Box.


But today, Private Box and DX Mail offer an option for those who require an address with remote box. Together with the rest of the new competitors in the market place, the New Zealand Post may discover that it is hard to keep up with the latest system of addressing. This is the reason they came up with a standard for mail addressing.



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