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New Zealand Yoga


New Zealand Yoga

Today, there are several different kinds of yoga in practice.


They all differ in style but there are some popular forms being used in New Zealand today.


Yoga in New Zealand is pretty much a combination of Iyengar and Ashtanga or what is otherwise known as Power Yoga. It is a general belief that each type of yoga has its own strengths and it is wise to keep your mind open to these in order to learn more. Iyengar is a style of yoga which is soft and classic.


It is just right for beginners and those who have led a sedentary lifestyle but are eager to get back in shape.


Iyengar makes use of props or tools such as straps, chairs, pillow, blocks, and sandbags to make up for inflexibility and to aid those with joint and back injuries.

Iyengar is used by most because it closely resembles Hatha Yoga. This style was formulated by its namesake B. K. S. Iyengar.


It is mainly known for its attention to detail with regard to poses and the use of props. These props are mainly used for the purpose of achieving the poses in a comfortable manner. For all types of yoga, the key is to attain the basics and correct form. The props ensure that both are achieved. There is a lot of focus on alignment and asymmetry as well as meditation. Every pose is kept for a longer period of time than in a majority of the other styles of yoga, creating a condition of focused tranquility. The yoga style, Iyengar, is reflection in action.

The benefits of practicing yoga are well toned muscles, elimination of tension, and getting rid of persistent pain. Strengthening weak areas in the body and opening and stretching tight area result in the body’s return to proper alignment.


The practice of Iyengar yoga will provide you with a good familiarity of the classic poses of yoga so that no matter what other style you go into, you will be armed with the basics on how to execute each pose.

The teacher or guru concentrates on correct placement and inner consciousness. Awareness begins with the body and extends to other areas of the personality as one goes on with regular practice. Power Yoga or Ashtanga is the favored choice for people in athletics. Ashtanga yoga is not as focused on meditation as it is on developing stamina and strength. The postures are harder than those executed in other yoga types and students move rapidly from one to another pose with a purpose of developing flexibility and strength.
This yoga style is appropriate for those in a good physical state but must be avoided by those who have not been exercising regularly.


Even the routines for beginners are very hard to do and are physically taxing. Ashtanga yoga guides students all the way through warm ups in order to prepare the muscles.



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