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If a particular color had a taste, what would it be? This was what the New Zealand Yellow Pages set out to do: to give color, specifically yellow, flavor. In a marketing campaign which was interactive, the company had engaged the services of Josh Winger, a 28 yr. old wannabe actor and surfer. They hired him to produce and market a bar of chocolate that should taste like what the color yellow would. To accomplish his job, Winger was allowed to use only the companies in the New Zealand Yellow Pages listings.


After gathering suggestions of flavor from food shops all over New Zealand, he was able to come up with 4 contending flavors. These were pineapple custard, kowhai honey, banana French toast, and lemon tart.


After over forty thousand samples were sent out for crowd sampling, the one that finally ended up as the ‘yellow’ flavor for the chocolate was pineapple custard. However, it is still up to Josh to determine which will be the final flavor that will go into production.


This new chocolate bar that is being formulated for the telephone directory publisher Yellow is the current advertising campaign which is about to afford a business for Hamilton which will gain nationwide acknowledgment.
The formulated of the chocolate bar that tastes like "yellow" is the most current publicity feat from the company, subsequent to its previous year’s campaign of a yellow tree house restaurant.

The New Zealand Yellow Pages has asked Josh Winger to develop the “yellow” tasting chocolate bar and Donovan, the Hamilton chocolate making company is producing the samples. Each and every aspect of the process, from locating space for the office to the circulation of the final result, is obtained from the directories of the Yellow Pages.


Just recently, Mr Winger went out on a road trip from the city of Auckland to Invercargill, bringing with him forty five thousand of four especially formulated "yellow" flavors from Donovan's Chocolates.

By the middle of January upon Mr. Winger’s own choosing of a flavor from Donovan for the Yellow chocolate bar, over half a million chocolate bars will be produced and be available for the market.

Even though the reaction of the public will be a major factor in deciding the flavor, Sarah Geel, PR spokesperson for Yellow said that at the end of the day, it is still Josh's mission and that it is up for him to decide.

Those who wish to sample the flavors are invited to approach the campervan and ask for samples. Mark Donovan, chief executive for Donovan's Chocolates, said that his company created the run of especially prepared flavors:

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pineapple custard, tangy lemon, kowhai honey, and french toast.  If the chocolates fro Donovan's were chosen as the final item for consumption, the company would achieve a large amount of exposure nationally. According to Mr. Donovan, if Winger chooses Donovan’s, production of the final products will start in January. The chance to increase the profile of the company in New Zealand comes at a period in time when it is undergoing huge growth of export.



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