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New Zealand Xtra

The New Zealand Xtra or Xtra Limited is the country’s largest ISP or Internet service provider and it is entirely owned as Telecom New Zealand’s subsidiary. Xtra provides several internet services such as dial-up and ADSL connections inside New Zealand and has continued doing so ever since its inauguration in the middle of the 1990s.

Xtra is a name also employed to refer to the separate unit Yahoo!Xtra which a combined business enterprise web portal connecting Telecom and Yahoo!.


It was formed in 2006 of December taking the place of XtraMSN web portal and provides additional perks for customers of Xtra broadband.

Telecom let go of the brand name Xtra in 2008 from services and products, utilizing Telecom instead. It was then referred to as Telecom broadband.

From the inception of Xtra, it has been servicing dial-up internet all over New Zealand. Telecom produced the only ADSL in New Zealand in 1999.


Telecom afterward permitted other internet service providers to hook up to its ADSL networks because of increasing pressure from the public and the government. Currently, it is generally thought that Telecom has given unjust and noncompetitive conditions of trade concerning its across-the-board ADSL services, and many say that it remains to do so.
As Telecom New Zealand’s subsidiary, Xtra has held a certain amount of monopoly of its mother company. For many, this state of affairs is seen as an unjust gain over other internet service providers. Several lobbyists, together with the CEO of Slingshot, Annette Presley, have convinced Communications Ministry of New Zealand to compel the unbundling of the local loop of Telecom, so as to create fairer terms of trading and decrease the monopoly of the ISP of Xtra.


In 2001, the ISP of New Zealand, Actrix, together with Xtra succeeded in a High Court restriction to get them off the ORBS (Open Relay Behavior-modification System), a blacklist for anti-spam controlled by Alan Brown.

It had been in the black book of IP addresses concerning open mail relays that can be taken advantage of by spammers to launch unwanted bulk e-mail. Organizations in the hundreds subscribed to the listing, even Bigfoot.com and another provider of free mail. They discarded e-mail from any ORBS listed IP address.
Indirectly, this court action caused the death of one of the oldest services of DNSBL.
The “Go Large" plan of Xtra in November 2006 was introduced in the country as the first completely unlimited ADSL service of New Zealand; nevertheless there was a lot of public disappointment and criticism at the flux and overall slowness of the recently offered plan.

Xtra New Zealand

It was marketed to have unlimited usage of data and utmost speed. What was not mentioned in the ads, however, was the fact that there a policy of fair use and management traffic which restricted clients to a limit on download between 4 in the afternoon and 12 midnight. If the user were to habitually go over this limit, they would be transferred to a "download pool" or be sent offers to change to a different plan. This started a lot of attention from the media prompting the launch of an investigation.



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