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New Zealand Xena Location


New Zealand Xena Location

New Zealand Xena Location

As most people know, “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Hercules:

The Legendary Journeys” were all filmed on location in New Zealand.

Although several of the locations were filmed on private property a lot of the most spectacular shots were actually located in a portion of the Auckland Regional Parks called the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and the credits at the end mention this fact. Even though Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and not Auckland, it is actually the largest city in the country in terms of population


and is regarded as the entrance to New Zealand for travelers arriving in the country. The AKL or Auckland International Airport is the landing place of several international airlines such as Quantas, United Airlines, and of course, Air New Zealand.


The international airport is only an hour's drive all the way through the city of Auckland into the place where the famous locations are found. It takes about half a day to fly from Los Angeles to Auckland and maybe slightly less than that from the main air hubs of Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong. All of the major car rental providers of the world have representation in Auckland.


Most of the film locations are found on the western coast, and are in general just about thirty to forty miles from the center of Auckland city at the most.


The four major beaches that are of great interest to filmmakers are the long and bleak desolate of Muriwai Beach, the Bethells Valley which include the awesome black Bethells Beach, Lake Wainamu with its scenic lake that has an astonishing sand blow at its base,


Waiti Stream with its tiny stream which is sand-bottomed and runs all the way down from Lake Wainamu until it terminated into the Waitakere River, the Piha Beach which is usually filmed with an unusual configuration in center of the beach, and the Karekare Beach & Waterfalls which is a much more packed in beach with stunning falls.


Lucy Lawless, christened Lucille Frances Ryan, was born in Auckland, New Zealand. She was the 5th of 7 children, and Frank and Julie Ryan’s first daughter.

She matriculated from the Auckland University, journeyed through Europe, worked as a grape picker on the Rhine, until she finally traveled to Australia where she met her then boyfriend, Garth Lawless.

When they ran out of money, the couple worked with a company that mined gold just outside of Kalgoorlie, approximately five hundred miles from Perth.


They finally tied the knot in Australia and went back to New Zealand where they had their fist baby, Daisy.

Her interest in performing led to some work in television in New Zealand. She later migrated with her family to Canada in Vancouver and entered the William Davis Center for Actors Study.

Upon her returning to New Zealand, she found employment in a number of productions for film and television.

Xana Location NZ

Hollywood’s first glimpse of her was when she got the role of Lysia in “Hercules and the Amazon Women” which was an episode of ”Hercules: The Legendary Journey” which so happened to be filmed in New Zealand.



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