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New Zealand Women

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On September 19, 1893 Lord Glasgow, the governor, ratified a new landmark law on the Electoral Act which resulted in New Zealand becoming the world’s first self-governing nation to allow all its women citizens suffrage in elections of the parliament.


It was not until after the end of World War I that women in the United States, Great Britain, and other democratic countries were given the right to vote.

The fact that New Zealand led the world in women's suffrage is a vital part of the country’s image as an innovative laboratory for social change.


Kate Sheppard led the campaign for the women’s right of suffrage. Her involvement to the identity of New Zealand has been recently recognized on the New Zealand ten dollar note.


Currently, the old custom that does not allow women to vote is an idea completely alien to New Zealanders.


During the general election of 2005, about a third of those elected to Parliament were women. In today’s society, women have taken on the nation's major constitutional positions such as governor-general, prime minister, chief justice, and speaker of the House of Representatives.


The culture regarding the rules of dating is dead. Today, young women of New Zealand are often drinking too much and are on the prowl in groups searching for men to have sexual intercourse with.

This is just one of the conclusions of a TVNZ Sunday study into the women of New Zealand’s sexual conduct.


The producers of the program told the story after the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey declared Kiwi women as the most promiscuous worldwide the previous year.

It was reported that Kiwi women have twenty sexual partners at an average which is double the average number of British and Australian women and about three times the world average number of seven.


Janet McIntyre, a correspondent of TVNZ Sunday claims that there was unreliable proof from the 5 women on the show that the findings of the Durex survey were valid.

She says there is a new type of mating ritual which makes use of sex as an entry point into the relationship.

If sex for the first time between couples is unsatisfactory, women were not ready to invest any more time in trying to make the relationship work. The culture of dating is gone.


During interviews, women in their twenties who were asked about their experiences sexually would candidly say that they felt that sex empowered them and that they wanted to enjoy and celebrate it.

According to McIntyre, each and every one of the women who had indulged in one-night stands had imbibed in alcohol, circumstances which usually results in their getting reckless and ending up having sex with someone, even total strangers.

The impact of such sexual practices used by women is not lost on the men and they are well aware of such behavior.

New Zealand Women

Last year’s survey of the Sunday Star-Times on “Being a Bloke” discovered that of the 5000 men interviewed, 29 percent of them felt they had been coerced into performing sexual intercourse or had been forced into participation.



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