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New Zealand Wine

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Wine in New Zealand is unadulterated discovery. Since the country of New Zealand is unlike any other in the world, their wine is also quite unique.

The special amalgamation of climate, soil, water, and the innovative adventurous spirit of New Zealanders on top of their signature commitment to quality all combine to bring forth intense, pure, and varied experiences.

With every serving of wine from New Zealand is an opportunity to discover the country’s character.


Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand was accorded acclaim internationally as the ultimate standard for this varietal wine.


The mounting appreciation for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Méthode Traditionelle sparkling wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and Merlot blends from New Zealand has aided to further strengthen the position of New Zealand as a manufacturer of world class vintage.


Since New Zealand is a nation of contrasts with thick, indigenous forest, snow-capped peaks and fantastic coastline, it is no wonder then that wine manufacture here is done in varied styles. Amid regions for wine growing across the parallels of latitude of thirty-six to forty-five degrees and encompassing the distance end to end of a thousand miles, grapes are developed in an enormous assortment of soil types and climates, developing a varied collection of styles. The equivalent on the northern hemisphere would span from Bordeaux all the way down to the south of Spain.

The temperate seaside climate of New Zealand has strongly influenced the nation's principally coastal vineries. Strong sunlight warms the vines during the day and are cooled by the fresh sea breezes at night.


The lengthy, leisurely ripening time aids in keeping the vibrant flavors of the varietal which make wine from New Zealand so unique.

Cuisine in New Zealand gets inspiration from the old world kitchens of Italy and France, including the exotic concoctions of the Pacific Rim and Asia.

This is why wine styles in New Zealand have developed to compliment this broad menu.

There are zesty and bright wines such as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc for clean and faintly spiced fare, while intricate, smooth Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon blends give complement the ageless concoctions of the Old World.

The tiny population, remote location, and farming economy of New Zealand have garnered the nation’s image as 'clean and green'. Often described by visitors as 'an unspoiled paradise', it is the grape growers and winemakers goal to keep things as they are in the country.

New Zealand Wine

Ground-breaking practices in the winery and vineyard which produce quality in an environmental and sustainable manner, assure the rest of then world that New Zealand fulfills an increasing demand for wines that have been manufactured in a manner which is 'clean and green'.

There are 10 main regions for wine growing in New Zealand, every one exhibiting a great variety in terrain and climate. Diversity in climate may be shown by the difference in the date for harvesting of Chardonnay. In the more humid and warmer climate of the Northland’s northern regions, Gisborne, and Auckland, Chardonnay may start to be reaped in the latter part of February or the beginning of March.


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