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New Zealand Visa


New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Visa

As a tourist, it is very easy to obtain a visa to visit New Zealand.

And if you happen to hold a passport that is included in the list of “special” countries, it is even easier.
In a nation where many are presently jobless, New Zealand is suspicious of visitors who come pretending to be tourists and then get employment or else go beyond the limit on their visas.

Therefore, it is crucial for some would-be visitors to be able to prove in some manner that they will not overstay their visas or get employment; not unless they are applying for a work permit.




It is a shame then that some of those who are truly just tourists get rejected and fail to acquire visas due to a seeming chance that they might violate the stipulations of their visas.


Australians and those with Australian permanent residence permits are high on the list of those who find it easy to go to New Zealand. With a valid passport they can enter New Zealand anytime.

Furthermore, they can stay in the country indefinitely and even work if they want without limitations.


However, those with criminal records are deemed unacceptable to enter the country.
If you plan to stay for just three months or even less and you hold a passport from certain member countries, you can enter New Zealand without a visa.

Citizens of Britain and other passport holders who are allowed to live permanently in that country may be granted a 6-month visitor’s permit upon their arrival in New Zealand.
In some cases, a visa may not be required and may be waived for certain people. These visitors must fulfill certain requirements though. They must: carry with them a valid ticket to enter the country, have enough funds to hold them up during their entire stay, and carry a passport which is valid for at least 3 months after the time of their scheduled departure.


However, those who plan to stay for a longer time than given officially must secure a visitor’s visa.

A visa for visitors is authorized on your passport and is normally available on request at a consulate or embassy of New Zealand in your own country prior to taking your trip.

Upon coming to New Zealand you will be given a visitor’s permit which indicates its date of expiration and permits you to travel as a tourist and visit relatives and friends, take up a course that will last for only 3 months or less, attend or take part in a sport or cultural event without compensation, go on business, and undergo medical treatment. If you want to stay for longer than the time you are given, you must fulfill certain conditions.

Within an eighteen month period, New Zealand visitors may remain in the country for 9 months. There is a possibility of extending their stay for another 3 months upon application which would make the stay a whole year.

Visa in New Zealand

To meet the requirements for the 3-month additional time of stay you ought to have supported yourself money-wise, not studied or worked or been supported by someone else during your stay.



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