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New Zealand Vacation

New Zealand Vacation

Covered in thick forest or spotted with holiday residences and farms, the islands of New Zealand have a extraordinary charm that greets you the first time you set foot on shore.

Not including the South and North Islands, the largest island of New Zealand is Rakiura or what is popularly known as Stewart Island.


This paradise of the south is residence to the country’s latest national park. The place is great for bird watching, hiking, and star gazing.


More islands dedicated to the preservation of wildlife are the Hauraki Gulf’s Tiritiri Matangi and Wellington’s Kapiti.

From the city of Auckland, you can take ferries to inhabited islands such as Great Barrier and Waiheke. Great Barrier is known for its rugged, unaffected beauty which appeals to explorers while Waiheke is popular for its charming blend of forest, farmland, beaches, olive groves, and vineyards.


The Bay of Islands is located in the north. It consists of a big area of offshore islands squashed between the Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett. Hire a boat, rent a kayak, or ride a cruise to savor this striking maritime vacation spot.
Fault lines, ice ages, tectonic plate activities and volcanic zones have all left their scar on New Zealand. The country’s environment is dynamic, bordered by two large oceans and suspended on the dramatic Ring of Fire of the Pacific. When tremendous events occur above or below the surface of the earth, remarkable scenery is usually the effect. A good example is the South Island’s south-western corner. It was on this spot that a parade of ice ages formed an imposing assortment of fjords. On the upper the coast there exist two glaciers which reject the end of the ice age and continue to creep its way into the rainforest.


For a complete satisfactory experience, you couldn’t do worse than the North Island. Here in lie active volcanic areas, together with a nautical volcano which allow you to walk through it, are just a few outward signs of internal tumult.

Wander into the geothermal regions surrounding Taupo and Rotorua where craters, fumaroles, and geysers are provide endless fascination. And what’s more, this is where you can find boiling mud in the middle of a public park.

With over fifteen thousand kilometers of coastline, New Zealand is more than familiar with all the humors of the ocean. The Pacific Ocean is located on the east coast where it plays alongside white beaches and bays.


The Tasman Sea is found on the west coast with its infamously untamed breaks alongside weathered rocks, rugged cliffs, and long stretches of dark, volcanic sand.

Vacation in New Zealand

For sea lovers, there are journeys by highway that will keep you close to the ocean all the way. The Twin Coast Discovery Highway is in the Northland and is a touring path which includes both the west and east coasts. A photo opportunity is provided by a trip down the Catlins coast while surfers will be really happy with the west coast haven that can be accessed via Taranaki’s Surf Highway 45.



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