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New Zealand Used Cars


New Zealand Used Cars

New Zealand Used Cars

New Zealand used or second-hand cars are categorized into two types: New Zealand New, and imports. Cars which are "New Zealand New" were initially sold New Zealand brand new. These cars’ odometers are checked regularly in New Zealand and the annual readings can be seen on the vehicle's AA Lemoncheck or VIR.
Imports are bought at Japanese auctions and shipped by car dealers to New Zealand. The readings of odometers on imports cannot be affirmed using a Lemoncheck or VIR and ought to be handled with caution.


A number of car dealers will assure the readings of the odometer of their imports. Penalties are stiff for dealers who falsely guarantee odometers. Car dealers have a legal responsibility to explain the reading of the odometer to you when you buy a vehicle.

You will discover that the readings of the odometer on several Japanese cars are less than what you would expect of cars from such a busy country. Car usage in the major cities of Japan is very restricted.


A majority of people commute via public transport. Therefore, cars are utilized less often than everywhere else.
If the car you wish to purchase is imported from Japan, ensure that the dealer has re-programmed the radio to the broadcasting frequencies of New Zealand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tune into some NZ radio stations.

Wherever the origin of the new car, ensure that you acquire 2 copies of the transponder key. The transponder key is the electronic key that controls the central locking of the car and turns off the car alarm should it be set off. An enormous number of new cars employ transponder keys. If the seller can give you only one transponder key, ask to have it duplicated by the dealer at no extra cost from you before you seal the deal to purchase the car.


Several of the cars that you see in your own country are also found in New Zealand. Many cars manufactured in the US aren't sold in New Zealand because New Zealanders drive on the road’s left side; same as in the UK, Australia, and Japan. Thus the countries market for used cars is dominated by British, Australian, and Japanese cars.

New residents of New Zealand from other countries discover that cars found in their own home country are also found in New Zealand but under another name. Such as what is known in Australia as the Toyota 4Runner is known in New Zealand as the Toyota Hilux Surf.

Websites like Trademe.co.nz and Autotrader.co.nz list used cars for sale in New Zealand.

The auction site Trademe.co.nz is New Zealand’s version of Ebay. A large majority of the vehicle for sale on this site are being sold by used or “pre-loved” car sellers at a fixed rate. Several cars are sold or auctioned by private sellers at fixed prices.

Used Cars in New Zealand

Another way private owners and sellers advertise their used cars is by posting their items in Trade and Exchange, a newspaper published weekly in every major city in New Zealand with local listings.



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