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NNew Zealand Universities Ranking


New Zealand Universities Ranking

New Zealand Universities Ranking

Very much like the Britain’s system of university education, the universities of New Zealand are among the world’s best and are much sought after by many students annually worldwide. New Zealand’s 8 government-owned universities offer first-rate tertiary education to students from around the world. The key strengths of New Zealand’s top 8 universities is Research. The universities of New Zealand uphold a high standard of research activity that is globally recognized continuously.


Hailed for their reputation in Environmental Sciences, Physical Sciences, Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Science, Law, and Agriculture, the finest universities of New Zealand are Lincoln University, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, University of Waikato, University of Otago, and Victoria University of Wellington.


New Zealand universities are self-sufficient and have the necessary requirements for external and internal monitoring and evaluation of their educational programs. New Zealand’s academic year starts towards the end of February or the beginning of March and ends in November.

The majority of New Zealand universities work on a semester system, even though a number operate on a quarter or trimester system.

New Zealand’s only university to be a member of an international consortium of research-led universities called the Association of Pacific Rim Universities as well as the Universitas 21 is the University of Auckland. Currently, over four thousand students hailing from ninety-three countries decided to matriculate here.


The 360 Auckland Abroad Student Exchange program of the University has over ninety university exchange partners globally that allow NZ students to spend 1 or 2 semesters at one of them.

Aside from being the top university of New Zealand, the University of Auckland is also the nation’s largest. It focuses strongly on quality with discriminating admission to all programs.

It also offers the most comprehensive assortment of courses in the country with research and teaching conveyed over 8 faculties, 2 large-scale institutes for research and a School of Theology. There are exclusive opportunities for conjoined degrees and interdisciplinary education. This university is the pre-eminent research-led institution of New Zealand. It topped the State’s latest PBRF report or Performance-Based Review Fund of all the six hundred researchers throughout New Zealand’s tertiary system, a third of which came from the University of Auckland. This gives students unequaled chances to be instructed and monitored by several of the very best academicians in the nation.

Universities Ranking New Zealand

It also has the biggest masteral and doctorate level school in the nation, the biggest yearly number of research students to complete the postgraduate programs, and the utmost rank of research revenue. Students of the graduate programs are part of a huge and varied group in an atmosphere of very strong back up for student and staff research.

The University of Auckland has formulated the premier research commercialization company of New Zealand, the Auckland UniServices Limited. In little more than 20 years, UniServices has developed to produce an earning of over NZ$100 million every year, far exceeding any comparable business in the country and several of those operating in Australia.



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