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New Zealand Universities


New Zealand Universities

New Zealand Universities

In the last few years, New Zealand’s foreign student population has increased rapidly. The country is now known as a first-rate source of international courses of instruction for students, providing notable institutions and an educational system which is progressive. The 8 educational institutions which make up New Zealand’s system of universities are situated in cities in the nation’s 2 main islands and this diversity in geography allows students the ability to pursue a desirable range of standard of living choices around work, study, culture, and recreation.


Both AUT University and the University of Auckland are found in Auckland, the country’s biggest city where a one-fourth of the population resides.


On opposite side of the nation’s geography is Lincoln University. Located on the rural suburbs of Christchurch, South Island’s largest city, this prestigious institution is set against the scenic backdrop of the Southern Alps’ snow covered peaks.


In New Zealand’s capital of Wellington stands Victoria University. Its dockside setting and closeness to the government and its offices is ideal for those who are studying law and politics. North Island institutions such as Massey and Waikato, which are located in the bucolic cities of Palmerston North and Hamilton, are ideal for international studies in horticulture and agriculture disciplines. Massey University also has schools in Wellington and Auckland.

In the heart of the city of Christchurch was located the University of Canterbury. It is currently located on an unrestrained, verdant campus still very close to the center of the city centre. The University of Otago is located in the south most major city of New Zealand, Dunedin, popular for its architectural heritage and Scottish roots.


The nearness of all 8 universities to the wonderful natural environment of New Zealand provides students the capacity to study anything from dying out marine animals to seismic activity engineering.


Although each university provides core academic degree in arts (such as social sciences, humanities, and teacher education), commerce and the sciences, each one also has its own specialty.

Otago and Auckland University have the nation’s 2 schools for the study of medicine, boasting hospital-based learning. The AUT University is known for being extremely ground-breaking with practical knowledge. Waikato University has strong roots in the culture of the indigenous people as well as a booming business school. Auckland and Canterbury University on the other hand have a global reputation for their schools in engineering. Counted among Massey University’s key strengths are food technology, veterinary science, and land production. Victoria University, because of its location in the nation’s capital is known for studies on public policy, law, international relations, and governance. Lincoln University is known for environmental studies and land-based sciences.

Universities in New Zealand


At any given time, over a hundred and twenty countries have representation in the international student body of NZ universities, drawn by the excellence of education, the inexpensive cost of both living and tuition expenses, and the country’s spectacular natural environment. The sophisticated air of the campuses is heightened by the Maori people’s vibrant culture as well as the high percentage of the permanent citizens of the country, from migrants from Polynesia to new migrants from Asia and Europe.



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