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New Zealand Travel Guide


New Zealand Travel Guide

New Zealand Travel Guide

Hitch-hiking in New Zealand is usually safe. But travelers who choose this mode of getting around are advised to be careful. Don’t take lifts from people who strike you as dubious. Unfortunately, not all Kiwis are nice Kiwis.
Cycling, without a doubt, is the best way to really appreciate the beauty of New Zealand’s landscape. But its not all smooth riding; there are some areas that are quite hilly, mountainous even. Because of this variety in topography, some companies that offer cycling tours also provide for a bus that will take you uphill and let you down when it’s downhill.


Kiwi Express and Magic Bus are two of the transport networks which cover the main routes for tourists. Called “backpacker’s bus”, these companies allow you to choose your itinerary and let you hop on and hop off wherever and whenever you want, for the price of a pass of course.


Since rental cars for backpacker are available at NZ$700 per month, sometimes less during off season, you may want to weigh your options before committing to a means of travel.


If you plan to stay in New Zealand for more than a month, purchasing a car may be the best option for you economically. The only drawback with this is selling it when it is time for you to leave. You might, as you near your departure date, end up giving it away. Be particularly careful if you are scheduled to leave towards the end of March or even later. By this time, you will be competing with backpackers who are trying to sell off their old vehicles. Selling anything at this time for a good price is nil.

In order to avoid this headache, you may want to purchase a car with a buy-back guarantee. This is actually a “buy and sell back” bargain wherein the seller offers you a guaranteed rate at which they will re-acquire your vehicle once you no longer need it.


Another possibility is to purchase a vehicle directly from the owner or via a system of auction. Although this presents you with an opportunity to buy a car below NZ$1000, do not expect a vehicle in good condition. You will most probably end up with a lemon.


In New Zealand, transfer of ownership is very easy. The method of registering ownership is so uncomplicated it is almost unbelievable.

First, you must realize that ownership documents or papers are not proof of ownership. These are just records of people who claim or are registered as owners.

This means that you can actually go into any post shop in New Zealand and upon showing an identification card, claim to be the owner of any vehicle in the land. But this process does not make you the vehicle’s owner.

For this to happen, you need to have purchased the item from the prior owner.

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Therefore, the proof of whether or not the registered owner is the legal owner is an issue of contract law and not just registration. If you purchase a vehicle from an individual who is not the car’s legal owner, by law you have no legal claim to the car. The legal owner can therefore take it away from you.



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