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New Zealand Travel

New Zealand Travel

The routes for tourists in New Zealand are usually of standards quite high and the major roads are sealed off. Each road, even the ones located in far flung areas, is well marked. Just don’t forget to drive on the left side of the road. To find out what to expect when going driving in New Zealand, check out the Land Transport New Zealand website.
In New Zealand, you are allowed to drive for up to twelve months if you possess either an IDP or International Driving Permit or a newly acquired driver's license from your home nation.


After a year you will be required to apply for a license from New Zealand. This is enforced during each visit you make to New Zealand.


All drivers in New Zealand, even visitors from other nations, must bring their permit or license every time they drive.


You will only be allowed to drive the same kinds of means of transportation you are allowed to drive in your own home nation. 21 years old is the usual age to lawfully rent a vehicle in New Zealand.


Be sure to check that your driver's license is up to date. If your license is in a language that is not English, you have to carry with you a translation in English or get hold of an International Driving Permit. Get in touch with your local vehicular club for more details on acquiring an IDP or a translation.
A valid translation of your overseas permit or license can be granted by the following: the Translation Service of New Zealand, a representative of a consulate or embassy, or the one who issued your license to drive. An IDP is acceptable as a valid translation. It is crucial to be aware that should you be caught driving devoid of a valid IDP or English translation, you can be tried for unlicensed driving or for driving a vehicle sans a valid license and shall be held liable for an violation fee of 400 New Zealand dollars up to 1,000 New Zealand dollars upon sentence in court.


The local authorities or police also have the authority to prevent a driver who is unlicensed to drive pending their acquisition of an appropriate license.

Should you persist on driving after being told not to, the motor vehicle you are using will be confiscated for twenty eight days, at the expense of the owner of the vehicle. In case of an accident, you are also in danger of not being paid by your insurance.
The New Zealand speed limit is a hundred kilometers per hour on the highway and half of that in city areas. You will come upon expressways and motorways with multi-lanes upon approaching the bigger cities, with a majority of the roads being two-lane carriageways. The posting of signs follows acceptable global symbols and all measures of distance are in km or kilometers.

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Both passengers and drivers must all buckle up in both the back and front seats. All children below 5 years of age must be correctly restricted by a standard restraint for children when riding in vans or cars.



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