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New Zealand Surfing

New Zealand Surfing

On the 3rd expedition to the Pacific by Captain James Cook, his fleet ships, the HMS Resolution and Discovery, embarked on the first European trip to Hawaii to ever be recorded in 1778, as they stopped at the island chain’s western end en route to Tahiti to North America’s northwest coast.

Following a discouraging year unproductively searching for a passageway into the Atlantic from the North Pacific, Cook took back his ships to the island chain of Hawaiian, and on this occasion stopped at Hawaii’s Big Island.

It was here at Kealakekua Bay that Cook was killed by the native Hawaiians when he misguidedly attempted to abduct their high chief in order to force a stolen boat’s return.


Subsequently, Lt. James King was appointed the Discovery’s First Lieutenant and was ordered to complete Captain Cook’s journals in the narrative parts.

In 1779, after the demise of Cook but before the Resolution and Discovery came back to England, Lieutenant King dedicated 2 full pages to a complete account on riding surfboards, as demonstrated by the Kealakekua Bay locals on the Big Island’s Kona coast. His writings were the first written mention of surfing.

New Zealand is considered a surfer’s paradise and is one of the most exciting adventures in the world. Go on a crazy “downunder surfari” and discover what this country has to offer: the world’s best playground for surfing with its numerous and amazing surf breaks.


New Zealand beaches can be surfed the whole year. Temperatures in the North Island are very warm in summer which is from December to March and wet suits are unnecessary.

The waters in the South Island are colder and mostly require some synthetic rubber protection.

The diversity of surf breaks in New Zealand is just awesome. Look into the supertubes of New Zealand which offers a kilometer long joy ride at Ahipara and the systematically unadulterated peelers at Raglan, the country’s most popular surf spot.


Try out the Malibu-like wave sets and monster steamrollers in Dunedin at Murderer’s Bay, as well as Gisborne’s tunnels which are velvety smooth.


They also have wave-riding adventures available for every possibly desire on the country’s shores, partnered by arresting scenery, comfortable populated waves, the unique culture of the kiwi as well as their friendliness - all available for no price.

Surfing in New Zealand is an absolute must. So get on your board, ride a wave, and experience the absolute freedom of riding a board. There is no other place in the world that can compare to New Zealand’s perfect point breaks.



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