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New Zealand Restaurants


New Zealand Restaurants

New Zealand Restaurants

There is a vast choice of New Zealand restaurants to fit all tastes.


One must give in to the vast variety of seafood proffered.

Be on the look out for fish and chips which are a specialty and much sough after in New Zealand. From Crayfish, Oysters, Paua, Scallops, Mussels, Smoked Eels, and Shellfish and a wide choice of fresh and salt water fish.

The high spot of the eating out in New Zealand is its unparalleled style of cooking known as the Cuisine of the Pacific Rim inspired by the other areas in nations of the world such as Thailand, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Polynesia, and Vietnam.


The recipes that specifically Kiwi are kumara or sweet potato, Tamarillo, Kiwifruit, and Pavlova (a dish made from meringue and whippings of fresh cream topped with fresh berries or fruit. New Zealanders enjoy drinking, especially beers. Ginger beer is popular among the men and with the women, wine.

New Zealand boasts of all the usual outlets of fast food that can now be found all over the world, it further has every kind of food available, which showcases its society which is multi-cultural.


Some typical New Zealand food are the much debated Pavlova (a cream centered meringue which is has fresh fruits on top, ANZAC biscuits (hard biscuits made from golden syrup and oatmeal that were first invented by WWI soldiers), meat pies (both Aussies and Kiwis love pies), and Kiwifruit (green fruit which are about the size of a plum).

The most popular beer in New Zealand is Steinlager.

As with most of the world, the lifestyle of New Zealand is now a culture of coffee drinkers, with café and shops to buy fresh coffee springing up all over.


So if you can’t tell the difference between a flat white and latte, you will soon be educated.


Lemon and Paeroa or L&P is quite famous in New Zealand. It is a softdrink which is lemonade-style and packaged in brown plastic bottles with a distinct yellow label.

During summer, a popular part of NZ entertainment lifestyle are barbecues. More often than not, guests will be asked to bring some wine or beer, and sometimes even some meat or they might opt to bring a desert or salad. It is usually the women who prepare the food while the men lounge about nursing the beers.

Another famous delicacy in New Zealand is the Hangi. It is prepared in an oven dug deep into the earth and fired with wood. It is a feast normally prepared by the Maori for large gatherings. Red hot stones line a deep hole dug in the ground and shrouded with vegetation. The feast is then laid on top and is besprinkled with water and sealed off with even more vegetation. Earth is used to cover the hole and left to steam for many hours. By tradition, it is the men who dig and ready the oven and the women are left to prepare the food to be used in it. Everyone contributes his share to the feast.



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