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New Zealand Radio

New Zealand Radio

It was in 1975 that Radio New Zealand first started. Prior to this event, the NZBC or the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation provided radio services, and, prior to 1962, the NZBS or New Zealand Broadcasting Service. It became a part of the BCNZ (Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand) in 1978.

Succeeding the 1988 dissolution of the Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand, the RNZ became an autonomous government owned enterprise together with TNV (Television New Zealand). The RNZC (Radio New Zealand Commercial) networks were privatized in 1995.

The NZPR (New Zealand Public Radio) which is non-commercial was then known merely as the RNZ or Radio New Zealand.


The alterations also ended in the removal of the RNZ (both its remaining public radio arm and former commercial arm) from the 1986 State-Owned Enterprises Act and it being created an entity of the Crown.

Currently, the RNZ is a Crown Entity, ruled by the 1995 Radio New Zealand Act (1995 No. 52 which was amended in 2004), oftentimes occasionally known as the Broadcasting Act of 1995, and both Schedule A and Section 60 of the 2002 Civil Defense Emergency Management Act (No. 30 2002).

NZ On Air completely funds Radio New Zealand.


Radio New Zealand owns 2 major national networks, the RNZC (Radio New Zealand Concert), which is devoted to jazz and classical music and RNZN (Radio New Zealand National), which imparts news, current events, and arts. The AM Network, which is the RNZ's third network, is leased out when it is not broadcasting debates in the House of Parliament to a private Christian broadcaster.
The RNZN broadcasts in FM and AM thru single terrestrial transmitters established all over New Zealand, and also from the Optus satellite.

The AM Network of Radio New Zealand broadcasts all hearings of Parliament from transmitters in Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Napier, Christchurch, Invercargill, and Dunedin. RNZ broadcasts are a significant part of the country’s process of democracy.


During times when there are no sittings in Parliament, the transmitters bring the programs of the Southern Star from the Rhema Broadcasting Group.

RNZ International broadcasts on DRM and shortwave to neighboring nations in the Pacific from transmitters positioned in the North Island near Taupo at Rangitaiki. There is also a replay through World Radio Network and an internet live stream.

Sound Archives is a none profit entity, owned completely by Radio New Zealand. Sound Archives is funded separately by the NZ On Air or Broadcasting Commission to function as an archive for national radio broadcasts.

It was organized in 1998 by the merger of 2 separate RNZ units: the one located in Christchurch called the general archive collection, and the one in Auckland called the Maori program archive. These 2 units currently share common administration and have assumed uniform practices and procedures.

The heart of the archives is made up of the historical collection of Radio New Zealand, which dates from 1956 as an autonomous entity. This is made up of fourteen thousand lacquer discs, twenty thousand open reel tapes, ten thousand digital and analogue tape cassettes and a big collection of substantiating documentation, photographs, and artifacts.



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