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New Zealand Property

The offerings of buy-to-let (or rent-to-buy) in New Zealand can appear very attractive if you factor in comparatively substantial demand in most city areas, healthy rental payoffs and a great deal of tax benefits you can get upwards of a uniform eight percent on your investment at this time. And when you consider that your savings account is in all probability only giving you one percent at the most at the moment, this can appear very attractive.

Nevertheless, the Finance Minister has been very harsh with those who are making money off the back of New Zealand buy-to-lets and is threatening to reform taxes, which may make it less tempting to be an investor in New Zealand property in the future.


Factored into this is the fact that evidently over forty thousand newly built homes over the past ten years all leak due to poor standards in building and the improper use of materials unsuited to New Zealand, and there are at least more than forty thousand reasons not to buy any real estate hastily in New Zealand at this time.

If you take the rental market at par value you have a chance for an easy, profitable stake in New Zealand. But scratch just a bit below the surface and you discover that really, making a profit off buying-to-let in New Zealand is not at all aboveboard and is not something you should try without consideration and precaution.


Previously in 2008 of February, the New Zealand Reserve Bank resolved to use a microscope on ‘the tax system and housing demand in New Zealand’ and they developed a discourse paper that came up with that conclusion that those less fortunate in the housing market of New Zealand are heavily mortgaged (or geared) owner occupiers.


The report goes on to conclude that there are presently a whole host of bonuses in place to promote investment in buy-to-let real estate.


It appears that the government has listened to the soundness of this advice and is presently pursuing the analysis and consideration of all options related with squeezing the sizeable tax breaks that landlords presently enjoy.


According to Russel Norman, the Green Party’s co-leader, “We’ve had a major problem with the housing asset bubble which has been one of the key drivers of the Reserve Bank pushing up interest rates.”

Norman has been especially encouraged by the minister of currency finance’s statement, “We will seriously consider changes in the taxation of property. We haven’t had those put to us yet but I think the evidence that investment patterns in New Zealand could be more productive I think is pretty strong.”



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