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New Zealand Native

Currently, New Zealanders are mostly sophisticated and highly enlightened city dwellers. As part of a vibrant and unique society which is multicultural, New Zealanders are espousing 21st century culture and technology in astonishing numbers. But New Zealanders also have a reputation of quiet but rough individualism, self-sufficiency, and a head for invention. These qualities are still seen in the locals today.
The population of New Zealand is diverse, but with some unifying features that make it unlike any other in the world.


Its relatively isolated location in the South Pacific and rugged landscapes still induces many New Zealanders to be independent and quiet, yet self-reliant and resourceful, with a celebrated 'Kiwi ingenuity'.

More than 400 years before the famous explorer Christopher Columbus and the rest of Europe debated about the shape of the world and falling off its edge, the Maori who were the first New Zealanders, traveled thousands of miles throughout the vast Pacific Ocean which was then unexplored in small canoes which were ocean-going. In order to make it to New Zealand, these audacious adventurers formulated their own system of navigation using the currents and the stars.

The European pioneers of New Zealand were also rugged, brave, and independent.

Before setting up farms and colonies, they first had to prepare the land which was a grueling and oftentimes dangerous endeavor.

Their exposure and isolation to the elements pushed these early New Zealanders to become multi-skilled and hardy. This ingenuity and resourcefulness has greatly added to the character of New Zealand.

The same qualities can be witnessed today in the present-day pioneers who are a generation of young Kiwi corporate executive, film-makers, computer software builders, sportspeople, and fashion designers, all making a difference around the world.


Although frozen meat, the bungee jump, and the Hamilton Jet boat are some of the country’s most famous inventions, there are several others. New Zealanders also invented the tranquillizer gun, electric fences, seismic 'base' isolators (lead and rubber and blocks which lessen damage caused by earthquakes), freezer vacuum pumps, the world’s fastest motorbike, wide-toothed shearing combs, stamp vending machines, and the electronic petrol pump just to name a few Kiwi inventions.

Because New Zealand has a low density in terms of population and awesome scenery, many New Zealanders adore their outdoors and landscapes.
Mountaineering, hiking, and kayaking are savored by the majority of New Zealanders, while still more will explore their surroundings with a bush walk or a trip to the beach. They are retracing the footsteps of one the most Kiwi adventurers, Sir Edmund Hillary, who scaled the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, in 1953.
A large population of immigrants from the Pacific Islands came to New Zealand in the 1970s. In the 1980s and 1990s came the Asians, Europeans, and several more.

Native New Zealand

These new immigrants added, together with economic and technological changes, to a virtually unique national identity.

New Zealanders in the past twenty years or more have embraced the latest technology and the global economy. New Zealanders are some of the most avid Internet and mobile phone users in the world.



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