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New Zealand Mint

The New Zealand Mint has been coining commemorative coins of legal tender, gold medallions and bullions for more than 4 decades. As the only mint in New Zealand of precious metal, the country was one of the first mints in the world to follow the .9999 measure for the purity of the gold coin, and prides itself on its production work and high quality designs.
Although the Mint is best known for the bullion of Gold Kiwi, currently, its program includes the legal tender of the Kingdom of Nepal remembering the Golden Anniversary of Mount Everest’s conquest, the first of all time Fiji Pure Gold coin utilizing Fijian gold, and Endangered Asian Wildlife series’ legal tender.


In the previous year alone, the New Zealand Mint has presented in Switzerland at the World Money Fair, grew its website for collectors, had its coins featured on the cover of the coin collecting magazines of the world, and secured associations with foreign states, the trade staff of diplomats and the officials of reserve banks.


The global distribution of the New Zealand Mint network goes as far as the UK, Asia, Europe, Australasia, and the USA.

Situated in New Zealand’s largest city of Auckland, the Mint's extremely experienced technical team supervises all facets of the process of design, including production of the complicated die-making and master tools.


Each aspect of manufacturing, from zero preparation to quality control, occurs in a aseptic environment under the Mint Master’s personal supervision.

The New Zealand Mint personally guarantees all of its products and releases a Certificate of Authenticity with every minted coin from its factory. The proof coin’s minting is the supreme expression of the art of the minter. Much supposed and trial and error will go into the choice of an appropriate finish to manufacture a coin that has aesthetic merit in its own right. This procedure can become so precise that each coin is nearly hand made.


The procedure of proof coin minting begins with a process of large-scale drawings of the artist on which to base the design, including the theme of the coin, typography and other aspects.

Once the process of design is completed a plaster mould or template is made demonstrating the artwork in full relief.  A rubber stamp is then derived from plaster, and from this mold a master pattern of epoxy resin is made.

The master pattern of epoxy is then mounted on a sophisticated cutting down machine that transliterates the original design straight onto the operational dies. This process can take a number of days depending upon the design’s complexity and the required detail.


As soon as the engraving process is finished the dies are set and turned to the right size. Each die’s surface is then sand-blasted to produce an effect of fine frosting before the die’s table is fastidiously polished by hand to a “mirror-like” finish. The dies employed for proof coin minting will be re-polished manually several times over their operational life and in time will be substituted to preserve the caliber of the proof coin.

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