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New Zealand Military


New Zealand Military

New Zealand Military

The primary mission for the New Zealand Defense Force is to protect New Zealand against outside threat, to protect the country’s sovereign interests, as well as the Exclusive Economic Zone, and to take action to meet likely eventualities in the area of strategic interest of New Zealand.

The New Zealand Defense Force has the mission of delivering capacities that meet the aims of the New Zealand state’s Framework of Defense Policy.


Priorities for alteration within Defense are stated in the government’s Defense Statement of a Modernistic Sustainable Defense Force Matched to the Needs of New Zealand.

This has been further heightened through the State’s decisions aimed at accomplishing a joint Defense Force centering on single Services and joint fundamental interaction with the Ministry of Defense.


Priorities for the assuming of equipment for Defense are stated in the Defense Long-Term Development Plan and determine a path for formulating the capacities of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The 1990 New Zealand Defense Act allows for armed forces to be maintained and raised for the Defense of New Zealand and the security of its concerns, whether in New Zealand or anywhere else; the banding together of forces under peace treaties, arrangements, or agreements; and the contributory of forces to the United Nations or other international states or organizations for operations in conformity with the precepts of the Charter of the United Nations.



The New Zealand Defense Act also permits the Armed Forces to be readily available for the carrying out of public assistance and services to the public power in times of emergency, either in New Zealand or anywhere else.


The Framework of the Defense Policy of New Zealand, published by the State in June 2000, spotlights the State’s priorities and goals for Defense and furnishes a model for future determinations about the capabilities of the military, funding and resources. It has been augmented by the May 2001 Government Defense Statement in respect to a Modern, Sustainable Defense Force appropriate to the needs of New Zealand.

Defense is one aspect of New Zealand’s security and foreign policy. While the New Zealand Defense Force is constitutionally the only supplier of military forces, it is not the only subscriber to strategic consequences for security of the nation.


An array of other State Agencies and Departments, including for instance the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Defense, the Government Communications Security Bureau, the Customs and Immigration Services, and the Ministry of Fisheries, all of which contribute to encouraging and defending the national security of New Zealand.

NZ Military

In the State of New Zealand’s Framework of Defense Policy, 5 encompassing strategic consequences for the security of the nation are endorsed. From each of these, an objective of Defense policy is fixed for each result. In attaining these objectives, the New Zealand Defense Force creates a wide array of contributions: it preserves operationally trained forces for deployment by the State and it carries through operational commissions in conformity with State direction. The objectives and outcomes follow.



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