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New Zealand Location

New Zealand Location

New Zealand is approximately located four thousand miles on Hawaii’s southwest.
Nestled over two thousand kilometers (over a thousand miles) in the ocean of the South Pacific, New Zealand’s closest friend and neighbor is Australia. New Zealand has two main islands, creatively known as the South and North Islands.
New Zealand’s total land area is 104,000 square miles or 270,000 square kilometers. This signifies that the country could fit into Australia twenty eight times and fit into Canada or the United States approximately thirty four times. Nevertheless, New Zealand is a bit larger than the United Kingdom.


New Zealand is just a 3 and a half hour plane flight from Eastern Australia and approximately a ten hour flight from almost all regions on the Pacific Rim, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Flight time from Los Angeles to Auckland takes just less than thirteen hours and two times that from London to Auckland.

Over more than three-quarters of then population of New Zealand reside in the North Island and a substantial percentage of said figure reside near the country’s largest city of Auckland.
In New Zealand, distance is not an important factor.


From any area in New Zealand, the coastline is just a drive of two hours. It would mean ten to twelve hours of driving to get from one end of the island to the other, but if you desired to get a real feel of the country it would take even longer as there are several exciting and interesting places to visit during the drive.
Standing over the vast expanse of Lake Taupo’s crater (which is the North Island of New Zealand’s center), three active volcanoes can be seen: Mount Ngauruhoe, Mount Ruapehu, and Mount Tongariro.


New Zealand is at the Pacific Rim of Fire’s tip. The Rim of Fire is located in the Pacific Ocean and forms an arc of volcanoes which are active. This trail has bee taken by several others over last few centuries. Among the famous names are those of Eleanor Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, and Zane Grey. The beauty of these vistas draws many to them.

The hallowed Mountains of Tongariro, Ruapehu, and Ngauruhoe and their circumventing plateau are looked upon as treasures so precious, that native Tuwharetoa Maori gave them as gifts to the country more than a century ago. The ensuing Tongariro National Park was the world’s first National Park produced by a gift from an native people.

Since the settlement of the Europeans in New Zealand, all three of these volcanoes have erupted. Mount Ngauruhoe in particular has erupted over seventy times. Mount Ruapehu had eruptions in both 1995 and 1996, spewing rocks, ash and mud high up into the air.

NZ Location


It induced some agitation, but it is not concern of fiery fate that most determines the nation’s character.

While the majority volcanic activity is presently concentrated in the north side, craters of ancient origin dot the nation all throughout the islands of the sub-Antarctic, over a thousand kilometers south.



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