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New Zealand Living

It is no fortuity that Mt. Everest was first scaled by a New Zealander. With the locals’ ‘can do’ attitude and record of modern business, there is fertile ground for novel ideas.
With its small economy, different kinds of opportunities for work are available. New Zealand companies are small-scale and more informally structured and this demands broadly-based accomplishments rather than constricted specialization. Adaptability and diversity which the opportunities that go with this more elastic approach to jobs demand are necessary to the manner they do business.


New Zealanders have a steadfast belief in equality in society and aThe lifestyle in New Zealand is also expansive and open. The country has a flourishing cultural scene, with a unique blend of Maori, European, Asian, Polynesian, and more and more of other traditions.


Conventional social restraints and social organization are less apparent. n aversion to stuffiness and formality. The differences among the high and low income earners are not marked and most of the nation’s people have access to a wide range of affordable sporting and social activities.

The Kiwis are enthusiastic about sport and simply adore the outdoors. The choice of activities on hand from fishing to sailing to mountaineering is vast.

The easily attainable great outdoors is a part of the New Zealand way of life that even those living in the large cities are frequently within less than a few minutes drive to unspoilt and open countryside.

New Zealand offers a lot for its would-be migrants.

But life in this country is very different from what most people are used to and these differences are something that must be taken into full account prior to deciding to settle down.

The nation of New Zealand is distant and small. For those used to larger, more sophisticated societies this fact can be traumatizing.


Of all the cities of New Zealand only Auckland which has a population of more than a million, only about a quarter of the total nationally would be considered a major metropolis.

For many who have come to settle in NZ, the other centers have more the ambience of a country or provincial town and seem more often like villages. These features will not appeal to those who enjoy the life of the big city. The smallness of the country is also seen in other ways.

The choice of commercial goods is smaller in range and prices are oftentimes higher. When likened with larger economies which are developed, wage scales in New Zealand are likewise lower. This must be taken into consideration when comparing costs of living which must be evaluated in terms of the migrant’s New Zealand salary.

Living in New Zealand


The opportunity to become highly specialized is less probable. Standards have a tendency to be more unvarying, with just a handful schools and no colleges making up an elite.


Rates of divorce amongst ex-pats are high and a contributing factor is distance from family and friends. Immigrants need to weigh this factor carefully if family and friends are important before deciding to live in New Zealand.



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