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New Zealand Koru


New Zealand Koru

New Zealand Koru

The koru, a symbol that is much used in Maori art to depict creation, is founded on the form of an unrolling fern leaf. Its shape which is circular expresses the idea of eternal movement, and its inbound coil hints at a return to the original point. The koru, in other words, represents the manner in which life changes and at same time remains the same.

There is a proposal for another New Zealand flag which symbolizes an apparent identity that mixes the age old history of nature of New Zealand and that of the Maori heritage with the developing future of a new country.


The new flag represents the old and the new, history and advancement simultaneously. It represents peace yet not weakness, but the intensity of creation proceeding forward in a brave engagement.

At a time in man’s history which involves heightening concern for the environment, New Zealand shows an example to the global community by designing this flag which signifies serenity with nature, human growth in concordance with nature. It is the symbol of realizing with this eternal powerful friend.

This new NZ flag is a representation of a new era, a giant step for mankind's evolution based on responsibility.

The spiral opening in a rectangular-shaped flag is the picture of marriage of nature and progress, of circular and square.


It appears as though the flag comprises another flag streaming, advancing, opening, and unrolling in a foreign and mystical wind, a flag that is transmuted into some other dimension.


It is a picture of how matter focuses and transforms into life. Quantity is metamorphosed into energy.


It is a representation of the eternal cycle, a representation for the forever revitalizing life.

The green in the flag is painstakingly made

up of the peculiar earthy lush, deep, and rich greens of the farmlands and bush of New Zealand, a phenomenon which does not occur anywhere else. This wealth of New Zealand is represented by this green.

The sprouting and spiral fern symbol mixed together in the Maori koru already represents New Zealand in many areas such as in the sign of Air New Zealand.

The new design of the flag is original and cannot be taken for any other flag, as is the dilemma with the current flags of Australia and New Zealand, and the flags of several other countries. A recent case of how a symbol was admitted to symbolize a country with a quest for identity like that of New Zealand is the Canadian maple leaf in the flag of Canada. Similar efforts are being undertaken also in Australia to design a more appropriate flag.

Koru New Zealand


This new New Zealand flag is in no way meant to take away from the Southern Cross, the Union Jack, the Commonwealth, the British monarchy, the British heritage, and the traditions of New Zealand. The new flag will fly jubilantly hand in hand with the prescribed Blue Ensign. It signifies that New Zealand has arrived and qualifies as a peer among the world’s nations.

The love of the people of New Zealand for their country is symbolized in the koru ensign.



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