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New Zealand Kennel Club

Kennel Club New Zealand

From the time of its beginnings in 1886, the New Zealand Kennel Club was an affiliation of clubs and remains so to this day.

Presently, the Club now has more than three hundred societies associated with, affiliated to, and recognized by it. These societies are sorted out by position and by the activity they fulfill.

Clubs that want to be affiliated with the NZKC should be geographically based, All Breeds Show clubs, and set-up well. These clubs are considered senior clubs and during conferences are entitles to a direct vote.


There are different kinds of clubs that can be associated with the Kennel Club.
One type is called a Show Club wherein a club cannot qualify for affiliated status because it is a new All Breeds Clubs or it does not fulfill all the requirements necessary to become a full fledged affiliated club such as Multi breed Clubs, Group Clubs, and Specialist Breed Clubs which specialize in one breed only.

Others are Obedience Clubs (which cater to All Breed Clubs and is geographically based and caters to all breeds), Combined Obedience and Show Clubs (clubs registered under the regulations of Dog Training which are specialist breed clubs), Agility Clubs (clubs which are either specializing only in agility or are Associated Obedience Clubs which have been sanctioned to give training in agility), and Recognized Clubs which cater either to minority breeds (recently established clubs) or clubs that do not provide dog training or show.


All member societies of the NZ Kennel Club are expected to have their own constitutions on paper.


These constitutions must be sanctioned by the Kennel Club of New Zealand as must any changes to them.


As an accredited member of the NZ Kennel Club, a club is limited to act only as allowed by the Rules and Regulations of the New Zealand Kennel Club and the status of the club consistent to those rules and regulations. It is limited to do those acts only allowed by its charter and the laws of the nation.

The Kennel Club introduced in 1976 a second concept of membership to the club, Introducing Individual Membership. This entailed that before individuals could perform certain acts they must also be part of the New Zealand Kennel Club. Individuals must be registered members of the NZ Kennel Club in order to register a dog with the NZ Kennel Club, renew or register a Kennel Name, enter a dog at an Open Show, Championship, or subject a dog at any Open Obedience Test, Championship, or any Agility Event, be a Judge of the New Zealand Kennel Club, be a representative to the Annual Conference, be a part of the Executive Council, or hold an executive position in any Associated or Affiliated Society.

New Zealand Kennel Club



Members of the Club are directly required to abide by the Rules and Regulation of the Kennel Club and are personally subject to the corrective provisions of the Club. They are furthermore held responsible for the injudiciousnesses of the animal trainer of any of their dogs.



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