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New Zealand Jobs

Jobs in New Zealand

In just a short period of time, business industries in New Zealand have developed into an unrestrictive and sophisticated environment which aggressively competes with global markets.


It coincides with then country’s economy which is still largely based on agriculture.


A decreased number of unemployment, rising stock values, strengthening of the NZ dollar, and confidence in foreign investments are definitive signs of this success.

The vibrant increase in the business market has advanced actual incomes,


deepened and broadened the industry’s technological capabilities and provided businesses the momentum to spend on new staff, machinery, and plants.

Some of the businesses really moving forward are in niche sectors of communications and information technology, manufacturing, film production, tourism, special effects and editing, wood processing, bio-tech, construction, retain trade, and call centers.

One of the things which immediately be strikes those that come to work in New Zealand is the organic way work is carried out in major businesses.

Employees do not stand on ceremony, they very rarely use titles in referring to fellow employees, the dress code is entirely more informal than what most people are used to, and work colleagues mix socially with each other regularly.

The general work attitude of most NZ employees is to get in and get the work done. This just means working really hard even it means working long hours to finish it.

But this does not mean to say that they do “all work and no play”. On the contrary, New Zealanders are known for their love of sports, the outdoors, family relationships, and community awareness.


The balance of work and life is really important in New Zealand. Because of this, options for working arrangements that are non-standard are numerous and give employees the ability to negotiate with their employers as to working hours and arrangements.

The availability of flexible arrangements at work, job sharing, part-time work, home-based work, and parental leave which is paid all help New Zealand workers to strike a balance between their personal lives and work, so that they can give more quality time to themselves and their family.


New Zealanders are techno-savvy.

They enthusiastically adopt, as soon as it is introduced, a range of whole new technologies and are the world’s most heavy users of the internet based on a recent survey.


They have one of the highest penetration rates for mobile phones and they use credit cards more than any other country.

New Zealand Jobs

Even though New Zealand is small geographically, its state-of-the-art telecommunications networks connects it immediately to the world, making keeping in touch easy. Its international airports fly daily to Europe, the US, Asia and in the region of the Pacific. And their financial and banking systems are on par with world standards.

Even if immigrants find work in one of the areas where there is currently a shortage, transferring from it until their arrival in New Zealand to look for a job has its own challenges. It sometimes takes as long as six months for migrants to find another position which is appropriate.



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