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New Zealand Island Territory


New Zealand Island Territory

New Zealand Island Territory

On New Zealand’s South Island is Christchurch, just a 3-hour flight from Sydney, Australia. This city is the most English one outside of the UK. And, just like in England, the residents go sailing on the river of tree-lined Avon. The city is known for its gardens and there is a free trolley ride available to make access to the museums and parks easy.

As you drive west from Christchurch, the rolling hills and towns are anticipated, but then the unforeseen happens. The road starts to go upwards until you clear a mountain pass, leaving behind any clouds, and behold!


A spectacular scene of snow-capped mountains with a backdrop of solid blue skies greets you. A vista straight from the blockbuster hit “Lord of the Rings”.

The South Island’s ever changing panorama dazzles even the most cynical visitors with its diversity: blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, teal-colored rivers, rainforests, beaches, rugged coastline, and glaciers.

Extreme adventure and New Zealand are one and the same.

Imagine paragliding above crystal clear Lake Wanaka with the snow capped mountains of the Southern Alps behind you.

After trekking and hiking up the viewing point of the Franz Joseph Glacier’s rainforest path, you may realize that you need an up-close look.


For those who are not into laborious hiking, hiring a helicopter to the pinnacle of the glacier is the ideal solution.

Walking on fields of ice field gives you the illusion of being on top of the world.


Upon going back, the chopper dips down for a better look of the surface of the glacier, which is splintered into small tips producing a look of skyscrapers.

One of the most breath taking vistas is found on the West Coastal Road. Make arrangements to stop over at the Pancake Rocks which are exceptionally layered and investigate the Cape Foulwind seal colony.

Companies of car rentals have it all mapped out. Just leave your vehicle at the Picton wharf, board the modern Wellington ferry, and waiting for you will be a rental car. It is included in their service to customers. The Te Papa Museum is a must-see site in Wellington where you can see the island’s history.
It is very hard to resist all of the activities in the country which are sure to give you that adrenaline rush. Nearby on North Island is Lake Taupo. It is a great place to bungee jump. Just take a few steps off a platform right into a ravine, feel the ultramarine waters of the River Waikato over a hundred feet below, and a boat will be waiting to hook you in.

Island Territory New Zealand

According to jumpers, the trek back up to the top is harder than the actual jump. A tip form veteran jumpers is to not look down, just go for it.


The colorful display of yellow, red, purple and orange edging gives the area an unworldly ambience.

This phenomenon is because of the presence of antimony, sulfur, iron oxide and many more elements. It is quite unsettling to hear the earth bubble and gurgle so close to the walkways, even in the city. Five percent of the electricity in New Zealand is provided by harnessed geothermal energy.



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